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The Age of No Retirement Update

Destroying Age Barriers, Shattering Myths & Stereotypes.

The Age of No Retirement in 2014 in London identified 27 ideas that needed further exploration if we are to change the narrative to a more positive view of living longer.

At the people’s history museum in Manchester in April 2015, The Age of No Retirement took a big step further and converted talk into action. The ideas from London were co-designed into 22 radical prototypes for quick and immediate action.

These prototypes were a result of the collaboration of 750+ individuals and 250+ organisations with a common vision to rethink a future where we live longer, more fulfilling lives. The prototypes cover work, community, media, language, transport, health, education, multi-generational integration, money and much more. Read them in full here. Be inspired by them. Which ones would you most like to see implemented and which ones would you like to be involved in?


‘The Age of No Retirement’ network has been very busy behind the scenes – moving the co-designed prototypes forward. Nearly all of the prototypes (19 out of 22) now have teams of people and organisations supporting them at a local level.

More than 2200 new visitors to the website have registered more than 3500 ‘Likes’ since we uploaded the 22 prototypes only three weeks ago.

The top 5 prototypes leading the way are:

  • Value of Older Workers (312 Likes)
  • Learning to go Into Retirement (302 Likes)
  • Humans in Tandem (285 Likes)
  • Step Change (281 Likes)
  • What I Want To Do When I Grow Up (266 Likes)

They have prototype teams now working in Manchester, Hull, London, SE England and Wales. The teams include co-designers from business, technology, government, design, 3rd sector, entrepreneurs, academics, the media and citizens. Organisations currently involved include – Age Action Alliance; Age Friendly Cities; Barclays; BBC; Chapter3; CIPD; Design Council; Future Flowers; Festival of Ideas; Gransnet; High50; Manchester City Council; Manchester Metropolitan University; Silver Concierge; Give2Gain Timebank; TUC; Vivo – to name just a few.

They will be sharing all the details on their website shortly so you can feed in ideas and follow progress.

Prototypes on which they are still looking for collaboration are:

  • Multigenerational Panel (B2)
  • Age Champion (D4)
  • NHS Co-op (D6i)

In the meantime, ‘The Age of No Retirement’ is all about co-design and collaboration – so please get in touch and they can introduce you to the various prototype teams.

Watch this space for our storytelling feature which will be coming soon – where we will share the learnings from across the prototypes as well as news and inspiring stories which are helping to destroy ageism and shatter ageist myths and stereotypes.


Age Action Alliance Blog: The Age of No Retirement

Following on from the incredible success of ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ event at the OXO Tower Bargehouse in London on 1-2 October last year, ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is visiting Manchester on 27-29 April.

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is a live interactive forum that brings together the young and the old; the employers and the employed; the policy makers and academics; the designers and innovators; and the artists and thought leaders – into a collaborative space to discover and unlock the opportunities inherent within a society where people are living longer than ever before.

CR 13 (1024x683)

Over two days at the Bargehouse last year more than 500 people from 200 organisations explored 27 topics across 8 themes – from product/ service design to work & employment to intergenerational integration – with the objective of breaking down the age barriers and creating a society that we all aspire to live in.

Representatives from Barclays, Google, GSK, Aviva, BT, Microsoft, Capita, Getty Images and Mercer rolled up their sleeves with members of the public, small business owners, entrepreneurs, designers and charities to discover some amazing opportunities. Opportunities for intergenerational collaboration; for community redesign; for lifelong learning; and for fuller working lives.

 In Manchester, we are going to push the boundaries even further. We are not just going to come up with amazing ideas – we are going to convert ideas into action. On Days 1 and 2 we are going to co-create 24 implementable project prototypes which together will represent the most impactful recipe for age-positive social change the UK has ever seen.

 On Day3 we are going to share the scores of stories from people and organisations across the UK who are driving age-positive change within their communities. Leading the way will be the shining example being set by Barclays, and how over-50 customers and employees are changing the way Barclays thinks and behaves in the most inspiring of ways.

CR 19

 This is not about ‘old’. It is about getting older, growing up, gaining experience. It is about all of us. It is about YOU!

 We cannot turn our backs on and continue to ignore the amazing talent and experience that is built up over decades and is possessed by the more than a third of the entire UK population who are over 50.

Join ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ movement for age-positive change. Together we will redesign our communities, workplaces and lives along age-neutral lines, and with a hope and optimism rarely seen in this sector.

Register your place for the Co-Design Labs and the Barclays story now via Eventbrite. Participation is free.

Eventbrite booking:

Overview of ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ Manchester, 27-29 April: View here.

Impact Newspaper from the Bargehouse event 1-2 October w2014: View here.

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The Age of No Retirement: Update

Barclays signs up as The Age of No Retirement’s first core member

Barclays Bank is the first Core Corporate Partner of ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ movement. Next week they will begin working with Barclays to rethink, rework and act upon the one of the biggest social challenges facing Britain today. They will deliver impactful projects and create incredible stories that clearly illustrate the benefits of age equality and intergenerational working & living.

These stories will be further amplified by drawing from the capabilities, learnings and inspiration from across ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ network. Details of the Barclays projects will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Manchester Event

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ movement for positive social change continues to develop, innovate and expand. The second design-led participatory event will build on the enormous success of the Bargehouse event in London held in October, and extend the exploration of this important social issue to the people and organisations in Northern England.

  • 27-29 April 2015 at the People’s History Museum, Manchester. The People’s History Museum retells the socio-political history of the working people of England and, as such, is the perfect venue for the next ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ event.
  • 2 days of impassioned discussions and design-led exploration PLUS a third day of learnings & storytelling from across ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ projects.
  • 6 themes, 24 debates, 300 organisations, 600 people, 1000′s of insights & ideas.
  • THE must-attend event of the social movement calendar.
  • Put it in your diaries. Booking via Eventbrite opens in 2 weeks.
  • For organisations: £20pp per half-day session. For the public: £5pp per half-day session.
  • Sponsored by Barclays and Calouste Gulbenkian & Joseph Rowntree foundations.
  • Sponsorship packages still available.

Want to be a debater or sponsor? Email ‘The Age of No Retirement?’:

In the NEWS

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ has had a busy time in the media of late. On 19th December they were interviewed by both Sky News Radio (on the hidden value of older workers) and The Independent (as part of their coverage of Selfridges’ “Bright Old Things” exhibition). And, last Friday (16th January) they were on BBC Breakfast LIVE TV! The Friday show was the culmination of their week-long series on #Living Longer.

Word is spreading, interest is building. ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is beginning to drive a fresh new way of thinking in the ageing sector – exploring opportunities (not the problems) is a society where people live longer – with hope and optimism.



The Age of No Retirement

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is a movement for social change – towards the creation  of a society where every citizen has the skills, support and opportunities necessary  to live a full, productive and fulfilling life.

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ event held at the OXO Bargehouse, London on 1-2 October 2014 identified 6 key campaigns that need to be brought to life. The 134 debaters and 380 participants also identified 4 or 5 proposals for action under each of the campaigns. Together, the 27 proposals describe the greatest opportunity for discovering value within a society where people are living longer, healthier and more productively than ever before.


We found that all of the ideas and insights had a connection with at least one of six core action areas:

  1. Rethink: the generational divide
  2. Rethink: design for positive change
  3. Rethink: the language
  4. Rethink: storytelling
  5. Rethink: the focus on ‘one life’
  6. Rethink: work & employability.

Under each of these action areas, 4 or 5 project proposals emerged. Together the 27 project proposals represent a clear recipe for action towards the effective rebalancing of society along age-neutral lines. For details of the action areas and project proposals, download the RETHINK-REWORK-ACT newspapers here.

How you can get involved:

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is an enabler, a facilitator, a catalyst for positive social change. We want to bring together people and organisations across the UK to collaborate in delivering the 27 project proposals. Together we can make a difference.

  • Share the ideas, support the project proposals, take action wherever you feel you can add most, tell positive stories.
  • Become CHAMPIONS (organisations and individuals) to lead on delivery of project proposals.
  • Visit the new website:
  • Sign up for the newsletter.
  • Email if you want to get involved.
  • Email if you have an inspiring story to share.

Follow The Age of No Retirement on Twitter: @agenoretirement #ageofnoretirement.


The Age of No Retirement

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is a movement for social change – towards the creation  of a society where every citizen has the skills, support and opportunities necessary  to live a full, productive and fulfilling life. ‘The Age of No Retirement?’ event held at the OXO Bargehouse, London on 1-2 October 2014 identified 6 key [...]


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