How Visbuzz works

Visbuzz is an extremely simple way for people who don’t use computers to make and receive video calls to and from their family and friends. A single touch of the Visbuzz screen puts familiar faces within easy reach.

Easy to set up

Visbuzz is supplied fully set-up on a tablet computer, all ready for the user. One family member manages the Visbuzz account from their own computer or device. An Internet connection is required.

One touch

The Visbuzz user sees a picture frame containing photographs of the people they have chosen to keep in touch with. A single touch of a photograph is all that’s needed to connect them immediately for a face-to-face video call, or to accept an incoming call. If it’s not convenient to talk, there is a simple messaging system.


The Visbuzz user can make and receive video calls whenever they like, with the people they want to communicate with. It’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world and can make a huge difference to the lives of the people who use it. No unauthorised callers can use Visbuzz. As a friend or relative of the user, you can use Visbuzz with just about any device, laptop or PC.

Product features

You’ll find information about the main features of Visbuzz below. View frequently-asked questions or contact us for further information about Visbuzz.

One-­touch communication

All the User has to do is touch a photo of the person they want to talk to. It’s ideal for people who are uncomfortable with technology, those with restricted mobility (for example late-­stage arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis) or anyone who is isolated or vulnerable.

Visbuzz is single-­function

It’s impossible for the User to confuse it with other applications.

Visbuzz is familiar

It’s essentially a photo frame with pictures of the people who matter most to the central User, so they feel comfortable having it next to their bed or chair.

Visbuzz is reliable

It’s simple to use but it runs on the most modern, sophisticated technology (WebRTC) to deliver real-­time video communication through the cloud reliably every time.

Visbuzz puts the Central User in control

They can make calls and choose whether to accept a call.

Visbuzz is flexible

It’s offered pre-­configured, via the Visbuzz website, to auto-­load on a Windows or Android tablet PC, or as an Apple or Android application.

Visbuzz is an integrated solution

Visbuzz requires broadband or 4G access.

(optional): If the Central User does not have a broadband connection, Vizbuzz can introduce competitively-priced 4G mobile broadband service or fixed Internet set up through Plusnet. This means that you only need to deal with one service provider.

Voice calling

If the broadband width is insufficient, the video call will automatically switch to a voice call without loss of connectivity.


If the contact being called can’t talk immediately, they can send a message back with a personalised choice of answers for the Central User (this feature does not have to be enabled if the Central User has difficulty reading).


If the person being called is not online, they receive a text (which we call a buzz) to say that the Central User wants to be in touch. (Central Users do not see the messaging stream.)

Fully personalised set up

Your own contacts – family, friends or carers – with no limit on the number of contacts. Add as many contacts as the Central User is able to see clearly on the screen.

Administrator control

One trusted person looks after the fast, easy-­to-use system for the Central User, accessing their Visbuzz account through the Visbuzz website. If you can use Facebook or shop online, you can set up and manage Visbuzz.

Flexible technology

Visbuzz is designed to be used as one-­touch technology on a tablet for the Central User. Contacts can access it on their PCs, laptops or other mobile devices. As it is offered through the cloud, it can be accessed on any compatible device with Internet connection.

Who Visbuzz is for

Visbuzz want to include everyone in the digital revolution. It is for:

  • People who are uncomfortable with technology
  • People who are physically isolated
  • People who are psychologically isolated, including people with early stage Alzheimer’s
  • People who are physically unable to operate a keyboard or mouse, for example those with conditions such as late–stage arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis
  • People with learning difficulties
  • Vulnerable adult

The technology behind Visbuzz

Connectivity: Visbuzz needs Internet access of 1mb/s (lower than most domestic connections); if the Internet speed drops too low, Visbuzz will automatically convert the video call to a voice call without loss of connectivity. Visbuzz works well on 4G.

Hardware: Visbuzz have a partnership with our hardware suppliers to offer robust, resilient tablets that arrive configured to open Visbuzz automatically and fully set up with the Central User ’s personalised contacts, including photos.

Software: There is no Visbuzz software on the tablet: it is all provided through the cloud. This means that if the Central User goes to stay with someone else, they can take their Visbuzz tablet with them. But if they forget, they can still talk to their Visbuzz contacts through their host’s computer/laptop/device via the Internet. Connection between two Visbuzz Users is peer-­to-peer: this provides robust, continuous connectivity.

The Visbuzz software has been developed on the Microsoft Azure platform using WebRTC and SignalR via an HTML5 website, enabling reliable real-­time video communication through the cloud.


Visbuzz is compatible with:

Windows: Any Windows based PC, laptop or tablet operating on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 accessing the Internet through the Google Chrome browser.

Apple: Any iPad or iPhone 4S, 5S, 5C, 6 or 6+ operating on iOS6 or iOS7 + – the VisBuzz app is free to download from the iStore. (An iPhone would be used by an administrator or contact, rather than a central User, due to its size.)

Android: Visbuzz works well with Android devices. However, please send us your Android specification if you are considering using your own device as not all Android operating systems are compatible.


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