Many older people alone and feel socially isolated. These are some of the statistics that inspired us to develop Visbuzz.

  • People who are uncomfortable with technology
  • 3.8 million people aged 65+ live alone 1
  • More than 1 million people aged 65+ think their quality of life is poor or very poor 2
  • 700,000 people aged 65+ state they are always or often lonely 3
  • 11% (1.1m+) of those aged 65+ have less than monthly contact with family, friends or neighbours 7 42% of those aged 65+ say they would like to have more contact with thepeople they care about 5 500,000 people aged 65+ spent Christmas day alone in 2012 2
  • 250,000 people aged 65+ speak to nobody on Christmas day 4
  • The number of older people with moderate or severe disabilities is projected to increase by 32% by 2022 5


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