Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Visbuzz?

For the rest of 2016, we will implementing Visbuzz projects in conjunction with adult social care with the London Boroughs of Barnet, Barking and Dagenham, Croydon, Havering and Waltham Forest. If you believe you or a loved one qualifies for a Visbuzz system please contact your local adult social care department.

What is Visbuzz?

Visbuzz is a picture frame that allows people to be connected simply and easily to those who matter most to them. The picture frame sits beside the Primary User and they may then be in contact with people they choose. Those people do not need a Visbuzz – they just need to be able to access the system from the Internet.

Does Visbuzz really allow me, at the touch of a picture, to see them or them to see me so that we can communicate more frequently with ease?

Yes – that’s exactly what Visbuzz does. Great, isn’t it?

What is needed to use Visbuzz?

A device to access the Internet.
Access to the Internet is needed. We can help organise this if needed.
The Google Chrome web browser installed on your device. Simply google “Google Chrome” and follow the instructions. Or email us.

What do the names you use mean in plain English?

We’ll try to explain them better…

‘Visbuzz’ or VB is a system that connects isolated people
‘Central User’ or CU is the isolated person or user at the centre of contact
‘Administrator’ or Admin is a person administrating the PU’s system
‘Contact’ is a person in approved contact with a PU
‘Internet’ is a broadband connection of 1.2 Mb/s minimum
‘Google Chrome’ or Chrome is web browser
‘Device’ is a computer that can access the Internet

What devices are approved for use with Visbuzz?

The VB supplied device is designed to work perfectly. However, to use another device is perfectly acceptable insofar as it complies with the requirements below.

VB works best when the Central User has a touch screen but this is not essential. To use VB properly the following is needed:

Broadband upload and download speeds of a minimum of 600 kb/s. Most modern broadband provides much more than this but check with your provider.
WiFi access is required if you use a VB supplied device
A device with a minimum processor speed of 1.5 GHz
A device with a minimum RAM of 1GB and preferably with 2GB
A device that will run the latest full version of Google Chrome
The devices that VB will currently work on (provided they comply with the above) are:

VB device supplied by us
Any Windows 7 or Windows 8 device
Google Nexus 7 Android device (or similar) with WiFi.

What does the name Visbuzz stand for?

Visbuzz is made of two words VISual and BUZZ – hence VISBUZZ. You can visually connect with people and you can buzz them to get their attention if you cannot connect with them direct.

What does the BUZZ in Visbuzz mean?

If a Central User needs to be in touch with their Admin, or another contact, but this person is not connected to the Internet at that time, then the Central User can BUZZ them by touching the BUZZ button on the screen. This sends a SMS message to the contact’s mobile telephone.

How did Visbuzz start?

VB started when our founder, Steve McNulty, wanted a way to communicate more often with his aging Mum and couldn’t find anything that suited his need to be zero technology focused.

Can my really old relative use Visbuzz without stress?

Visbuzz is designed specifically so that using it is easy and causes no stress. Our founder, Steve’s, Mum is 87 and has difficulty using a telephone and controlling her TV with a remote control. She uses VisBuzz easily and simply.

Do you need any technical knowledge to use Visbuzz?

The Central User needs no technical knowledge, experience or expertise at all. They only need to be able to touch a photo with their finger or a pointing device.
Any contact needs none at all as well.
The Administrator needs to be able to use a mouse and keyboard.

Do you need Internet access to use Visbuzz?

Yes you do. Visbuzz is accessed through the Internet and so access is a prerequisite.

Can I use Visbuzz over my home phone line?

No. VB is not a dial in system.

Can I use Visbuzz anywhere?

As long as you have WiFi broadband or another form of access to the Internet, you can use your Visbuzz anywhere.

Who owns Visbuzz?

Visbuzz is the trading name of PicPicId Limited a company registered in England.


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