The Age of No Retirement Update

Destroying Age Barriers, Shattering Myths & Stereotypes.

The Age of No Retirement in 2014 in London identified 27 ideas that needed further exploration if we are to change the narrative to a more positive view of living longer.

At the people’s history museum in Manchester in April 2015, The Age of No Retirement took a big step further and converted talk into action. The ideas from London were co-designed into 22 radical prototypes for quick and immediate action.

These prototypes were a result of the collaboration of 750+ individuals and 250+ organisations with a common vision to rethink a future where we live longer, more fulfilling lives. The prototypes cover work, community, media, language, transport, health, education, multi-generational integration, money and much more. Read them in full here. Be inspired by them. Which ones would you most like to see implemented and which ones would you like to be involved in?


‘The Age of No Retirement’ network has been very busy behind the scenes – moving the co-designed prototypes forward. Nearly all of the prototypes (19 out of 22) now have teams of people and organisations supporting them at a local level.

More than 2200 new visitors to the website have registered more than 3500 ‘Likes’ since we uploaded the 22 prototypes only three weeks ago.

The top 5 prototypes leading the way are:

  • Value of Older Workers (312 Likes)
  • Learning to go Into Retirement (302 Likes)
  • Humans in Tandem (285 Likes)
  • Step Change (281 Likes)
  • What I Want To Do When I Grow Up (266 Likes)

They have prototype teams now working in Manchester, Hull, London, SE England and Wales. The teams include co-designers from business, technology, government, design, 3rd sector, entrepreneurs, academics, the media and citizens. Organisations currently involved include – Age Action Alliance; Age Friendly Cities; Barclays; BBC; Chapter3; CIPD; Design Council; Future Flowers; Festival of Ideas; Gransnet; High50; Manchester City Council; Manchester Metropolitan University; Silver Concierge; Give2Gain Timebank; TUC; Vivo – to name just a few.

They will be sharing all the details on their website shortly so you can feed in ideas and follow progress.

Prototypes on which they are still looking for collaboration are:

  • Multigenerational Panel (B2)
  • Age Champion (D4)
  • NHS Co-op (D6i)

In the meantime, ‘The Age of No Retirement’ is all about co-design and collaboration – so please get in touch and they can introduce you to the various prototype teams.

Watch this space for our storytelling feature which will be coming soon – where we will share the learnings from across the prototypes as well as news and inspiring stories which are helping to destroy ageism and shatter ageist myths and stereotypes.



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