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If you are finding it hard to write about education or any other topic then you are in the 99 percentile of people who are trying to compose an informational essay without sounding conceded. The most obvious reason why writing an essay about education seems incomprehensible is because you it is a broad topic and identifying the starting point is not easy. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is narrow down the scope, here’s are some insightful tips prepared with a custom support of on how you can break down your essay.

Review other education essays
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Just as books help cultivate your writing skill, going through several essays in the same topic will help you build an idea on what you have to present. Instead of directly trying to make your essay take a particular direction, build on your own writing style by referencing form essays from other academics or your peers. Extending your interest to other disciplines might help you come up with different arguments and techniques. It will also help you identify what people are interested in and factors that affect education but are undermined.

Focus your essay on a specific subject

As mentioned earlier, education is a broad topic, therefore getting particular aspects of education to focus on is important. This will lighten the load and if you are on a budget make the research less costly. For example, you can write about how the education system had improved over time and support your argument using substantial reasons. Are the target audiences in college, elementary or high school? This could help you further narrow down the scope of your essay.

Carry out thorough research on the subject

Doing research before you write any type of essay is important but where do you start researching when you are writing an essay on education? Researching can take a substantial o time, but when done correctly it can reduce the amount of time you take significantly, use these steps when carrying it your research, first, look for material on the internet. The internet has become accessible and has saved countless academic lives and careers. The internet will save you the trouble of going to the library or manually looking for documents, if the material form the internet is not enough, if a library is accessible then visit it and collect as much as you can. Compile everything and compare what you already have to avoid duplication. Failing to carry out research will leave your essay riddled with non-factual unconvincing arguments.

The writing process

After coming up with a rough outlook of your essay, start writing it while referring to some samples. Generally, the essay should contain the following

An introduction

Introductions go a long way in asserting the reader why the information contained in the education essay concerns the. Present an argumentative and interesting introduction that will captivate your readers and draw them in for the rest of the piece. A thesis statement such as ‘the comparison between motivated learning and practical learning and how they are linked’ will aid in control of ideas.

The body
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After stating the thesis and captivating the reader thought the introduction, you can now support your thesis in the body part of the essay. The point should come out clear and challenge the reader as well. The use of transitional sentences helps in comprehension and relation of ideas between different paragraphs.


The conclusion is as important as any other part of the essay. Summarize your thesis before you conclude the essay. Remember; don’t introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. An example of a conclusion could be.

Right: ‘All in all, the time it takes for kid to develop learning ability could be decreased by using practical methods of learning complimented by motivated learning. Such learning has helped in increasing active participation and healthy competition.’

Wrong: ‘The effort invested by learners should be recorded for accountability of the learners after a period of time.’

After writing your essay, proofread it and correct when necessary or remove any unnecessary point which makes the essay redundant. Changing the font when proofreading will help you note more typos or the use of software; if it is handwritten you can outsource some help to identify errors in your essay.


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