The Age of No Retirement

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is a movement for social change – towards the creation  of a society where every citizen has the skills, support and opportunities necessary  to live a full, productive and fulfilling life.

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ event held at the OXO Bargehouse, London on 1-2 October 2014 identified 6 key campaigns that need to be brought to life. The 134 debaters and 380 participants also identified 4 or 5 proposals for action under each of the campaigns. Together, the 27 proposals describe the greatest opportunity for discovering value within a society where people are living longer, healthier and more productively than ever before.


We found that all of the ideas and insights had a connection with at least one of six core action areas:

  1. Rethink: the generational divide
  2. Rethink: design for positive change
  3. Rethink: the language
  4. Rethink: storytelling
  5. Rethink: the focus on ‘one life’
  6. Rethink: work & employability.

Under each of these action areas, 4 or 5 project proposals emerged. Together the 27 project proposals represent a clear recipe for action towards the effective rebalancing of society along age-neutral lines. For details of the action areas and project proposals, download the RETHINK-REWORK-ACT newspapers here.

How you can get involved:

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ is an enabler, a facilitator, a catalyst for positive social change. We want to bring together people and organisations across the UK to collaborate in delivering the 27 project proposals. Together we can make a difference.

  • Share the ideas, support the project proposals, take action wherever you feel you can add most, tell positive stories.
  • Become CHAMPIONS (organisations and individuals) to lead on delivery of project proposals.
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  • Email if you want to get involved.
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