What did you do at the weekend?

By on 06 16, 2014 in Health and Wellbeing

Three of the Visbuzz team travelled to Wales and climbed Mount Snowdon last weekend as preparation for our Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge in July. During the climb, we encountered all kinds of people (and dogs!) of different ages and abilities, however the thing that struck me was the different things people think of doing on any particular day. Some of you will have spent that day with family and friends, carting the kids round to their activities or shopping for groceries. Others will have had a relaxing day in front of the TV or pottering around the house, catching up on work or progressing that To Do list.

We, however, had a plan to climb up a mountain. For the more sensible people, there was a fantastic steam train that safely delivered them at the top of Snowdon, and then back down to the bottom again. Unfortunately the weather on Saturday left a lot to be desired so neither those on the train nor walking were able to experience many spectacular views.

There was another group of people on Snowdon that day; these people were not just out to climb Snowdon, these people had an even greater plan for their day!  They were running up and down the mountain – some were competing against others in a race – and there were others carrying bikes up the mountain to cycle back down again.

This demonstrated to me the fantastic differences between us all – from the chatty car park attendant when we parked the car and the helpful staff in the cafe half way up (hot chocolate very much appreciated thank you), to all those determined runners, cyclists and walkers. The sheer variety of individuals in the vicinity at the same time all with their own lives, goals coming together for a shared experience is certainly something to contemplate. It demonstrated to me that life is not a competition, and we all have our parts to play – no matter how moderate or extreme.




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