Moving Forward with Technology

By on 02 10, 2014 in communicationTechnology

Technology is advancing at a tremendous rate, with new inventors beginning to think outside of the box on what is needed to enhance lives and our world around us. It seems that nothing is impossible – if you can think of it, you can make it. Innovation is all around us and can be seen on a daily basis. With social media (You Tube, Facebook, Twitter) it is cheaper and easier to go to market and raise your profile. No one is exempt.

Homeless man Leo Grand launched his own app to decrease the number of cars on the roads with a view to reducing CO2 emissions; there are heating systems for your home that can sense who you are and change the temperature of the house accordingly. What’s next – Drones to deliver your pizza? They may well be on the way.

We are using technology differently, with the expectation that we can get access to anything we want, instantly and with minimal effort. Not only can we get it now but we can get it personalised. Technology is becoming specific to the individual. Computer games track your preferences, and shape your game accordingly. When you are browsing the internet you see adverts based on your search history, recommendations based on your previous grocery shop. A walk through you local shopping centre leads to texts from the shops you are passing with offers just for you.

The opportunities are endless, and with new investments and advancements in all types of technology, the sky is the limit. Films like Robot and Frank (2012) where Frank gets his assistance robot to help him in several heists, the new Robocop movie (2013) and Her (2013) where Theodore falls in love with his newly purchased operating system, give us a peek at what the future could be like. Are we ready?

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