The benefits of audio services

Audio books can be used to increase the pleasure and learning of many people in society, and have been found to have many benefits. They can be used to introduce students to books above their reading level, model good interpretive reading, and provide access to subjects and literature while on the go. Audio books can additionally help to reduce loneliness.

Listening to audio books can open up whole new worlds, and bring stories to life for people who may have failing eyesight, or find it difficult to sit, hold and read a book. You can become engrossed in a whole new world. The sense of achievement that can be experienced by learning a new subject or the joy of getting wrapped up in how your favourite character will develop. These feelings can be addictive, a welcome distraction and wonderful company, enabling you to experience a raft of emotions and feelings as you journey along with your new companions.

Listening Books is a charity that provides audiobooks to people across the UK who find it difficult or impossible to read due to illness or disability. Find out more here

It is not only books. Newspapers and magazines can also be provided in audio format. Being able to connect to the world, hear what is going on and keep up to date with current issues and good news stories helps us to feel connected and feel less isolated.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) offers several reading services, giving access to books, newspapers and magazines in a variety of different formats. RNIB benefits a wide range of audiences, find out more here

Audio books are available in a number of different media including cassette tape, CD, mp3 downloads and can also be found at local libraries, as well as to buy in most bookshops.



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