Staying in Touch

By on 09 08, 2014 in Activities

Last week marked the beginning of new stages of life for lots of children and young adults. New schools, new classes, new teachers, new friends, and with some people getting ready to start college and university, the mix of excitement and trepidation could be felt in the air. Parents watching children grow up faster and faster trying to hang on to them as long as possible, before they grow up too fast.

We all go through different stages in our lives, and after having a bit of a clear out last week, I found some letters in the loft. My memory is not to be relied upon so I find photos and letters really nudge my memory and help me to remember previous events, friends and general happenings. The letters were from people I had been friends with at school, and from friends at college and even a friend from work. As technology has become more advanced, we generally move forward with it, so I had forgotten the amount of letters I used to write. Now it is an occasional card to friends.

We make friends throughout our lives, and we have different friendship groups depending on the activity we are involved in. School friends, neighbourhood friends, work friends, friends we meet through clubs, friends we grow up with. With the advent of social media, children growing up now will have Facebook friends they may never even meet, however these people can still be a valid source of help, support and enjoyment.

I am still friends with some people from school, and university and I cherish those friendships and the history we share. Looking at the pile of letters, some of the people who I wrote to as a child, or as a teenager, I no longer see. I wonder how they are and what their lives have become, however just because I have limited or no contact with them now, it does not diminish the impact we had on each other’s lives. Every friendship, kind word and smile will have made me into the person I am today.

So, here is to all the children with new beginnings, and new friends who will shape them into the amazing people they will become.



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