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There are so many new innovations being made every day. Many of these can be used to combat the struggles that hinder everyday life, and through design, mean that they benefit a large range of people. Here just a few of the inventions out there:

So first up, for those who enjoy twiddling their thumbs, or who seek comfort in something physical to touch. I give you the Twiddle Muff! Particularly good for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, the Twiddle Muff will keep the person occupied and snug simultaneously.

twiddle_muff_comforters (640x619)

Secondly, the folding walking stick. Many people use a walking stick to support them, but the problem lies when trying to store it. Trying to get into the car with it proves to be a challenge. Do you put it on the floor and let it tangle legs into a hopeless knot?  Or do you balance it on your shoulders pointing straight at the windscreen, or let it hit just about everyone in the face?  The solution has arrived: This walking stick folds nicely into a small space, in your handbag or even just to put in the car.

Folding Walking Stick

Thirdly, the no bend pet bowl. For many people bending down can be a real struggle, so the no bend pet bowl comes in very handy. With a long vertical handle it can be lifted up, refilled and placed back down with ease:

no bend pet bowl

Lastly, for those who have trouble bending down and gripping things – the Folding Reacher could do the trick. If you know someone, or if you yourself struggle with bending down to pick things up, to grip them or lift them, then by using the Reacher, these tasks can be made possible.

folding reacher

With thanks to Jamie Cox for writing this week’s blog, and look out for more handy inventions in future blogs!



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