30 Days of Adventure

Adventures make us grow and laugh and learn about the world and ourselves.

On Friday, Psychologies Magazine started their 30 Days of Adventure Challenge.The team decided they needed to practice what they preach, shake up their own routines and inject a little excitement into their everyday lives, so I thought I would join in. The challenge is to have an adventure every day for 30 days, no matter how big or small. Examples given include sleeping on the opposite side of the bed, taking swing dance lessons or packing your case for a spontaneous trip.

Easy peasy then…. or so I thought. If I sleep on the opposite side of the bed, my radio and plug will be on the wrong side, and after a sky dive and the Yorkshire 3 peaks, I would like to be adventurous in a non-costly kind of a way.

Now we are 3 days in, and the ideas are already running out! I have eaten Squid (having never done that before it was quite an adventure for me!), I have started a paint by numbers (nearly finished) and I went to a dog show with friends and even entered into one of the show categories (with a four legged friend). My other ideas include being more crafty, joining some meet up groups and finding a new curry house. Another way to increase your adventures is to say yes a little bit more. I tend to say no to things if they do not fit into my routine, or because I am too busy, or because it doesn’t sound like my kind of thing. This month it will be yes – well mostly!

Psychologies offers some other helpful  ideas to guide along the way including waking up early and going for a walk just after dawn, wearing a colour you never usually wear, watching a film you wouldn’t usually watch,  visiting somewhere local you have always wanted to go but hadn’t got round to. Follow their progress here: https://lifelabs.psychologies.co.uk/



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