Our 2014 resolutions – three weeks in

So as we approach January 21st and 3 weeks in to 2014, it is an opportunity to look at how our resolutions are going, or not…. Have you managed to be kinder, to eat less, drink less and exercise more? If you have, well done and keep going – you will already be feeling the benefits and will be well on your way to realising the outcomes you desire.  If you have only managed one of these things, then that’s good too – don’t give up.

I have come to the conclusion though, having thought about goals and milestones, that the key is not when we set them, or if we are managing to maintain them, but that we have them, and we keep going. Irrespective of our little failures, keep going.

If you are not getting to the gym as much as you’d hoped, or you are still giving in to the temptation of those left over chocolates from Christmas, I’m here to say it’s ok and you do not need to give yourself a hard time. I also wanted to let you know that it’s not too late. You do not need to start your healthier eating on a Monday, or your month of kindness on the 1st January. You can do it any time – today, or tomorrow, or even next week. The important thing is that you want to do it.

We also do not need to make life immensely difficult for ourselves, small changes can be the easiest to maintain – add fruit to your breakfast and lunch, add a smoothie to your afternoon routine, take fruit into work for colleagues instead of biscuits, walk round the block at lunchtime with a colleague – not only do you get out of the office but you can catch up with their news as well.

You can start your acts of kindness close to home – give someone a lift to work, invite the new person to lunch, take the neighbour’s dog for a walk, make an extra portion of your evening meal and take it round to your elderly neighbour. You haven’t missed the window of opportunity for change – it’s here and now.



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