By on 03 24, 2014 in community

Last week, on 20th March, it was Happiness Day. It made me wonder – why just one day?  I have met a number of wonderful individuals who seem to have decided that they are going to have a happiness life, not just a day. They make you want to be around them because their happiness is contagious! Did they practise to be that way? Is it a conscious decision made every morning, or is it effortless?  On the other hand – Happiness Day … a whole day? That’s quite a lot of pressure really. What if I’m tired, or have an argument with someone, can I try again tomorrow?

We all have different perspectives, experiences and opinions. During the course of a week, we can be exposed to a number of different social interactions. Some of these interactions can be positive, and some can be negative. It is easy to judge others by how we are feeling, by what has affected us, by what we are looking to achieve that day but we rarely stop to appreciate the fact that we have no idea what has already happened that day to the individuals with whom we interact.

If we are treated with respect, and made to feel good about ourselves then we appreciate the other person and walk away smiling. If we are disrespected, cut up in traffic, or someone jumps in front of us in a queue, we become the victim and judge the other person as mean and selfish. It is our natural instinct to become outraged and upset, but what if we stop for a moment? What kind of day has that person had? There is no excuse for behaving badly, but we tend to make bad choices if we’re mad, or scared, or stressed.

However we feel, whatever is going on in our lives, we are social creatures. Happy or sad, we are all part of each other’s lives.  From the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, the definition of SONDER helps me to put across my point.


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